Evidence-based Leadership

We don't guess, we know.

You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard or run your business without financials.  The same is true for your leadership and team performance.

At ISL, we use the tools developed by our sister company, SmartLeader.  Smartleader is a fully integrated suite of leader, team and organizational development tools, courses and accreditations.

On our programmes and coaching, we use SmartLeader psychometric, 360-degree feedback and MyTeamPulse tools.  For our team development, we add the Smartleader team diagnostics that include team effectiveness, engagement and culture, using MyTeamPulse to embed the gains made and provide an evidence-base for ongoing development.

Integrating these tools into our practice allows us to quickly understand current performance, focus conversations on the things that will make the biggest difference, and measure progress over time.

While ISL specializes in executive and senior leaders and teams, the SmartLeader capability adds the ability to empower in-house OD/HR practitioners to cascade the tools we use throughout an organisation. This aligns the senior leadership language, priorities and culture with organizational development priorities.


We can talk you through our team development options to find the perfect tailored solution for your team.