Master Team Builder Course

Equip Team Leaders across your organisation to build high-trust, resilient and highly productive teams.

The Team Builder Course is designed to equip your team leaders to empower and enable their teams, whether a new team leader or a senior leader, leadership without great followership is mission impossible.

Across 6 engaging modules, team leaders will gain the know-how and practical skills to embed a high-performance culture that is resilient, enduring and inspires their team members to be the best they can be.


Value to Team Leaders

The team player builder will help leaders to:

Build and grow their individual team members and teams

Develop their coaching and facilitation skills

Align their leadership to their peer-leaders within the organisation

Build a high-trust, highly engaged and resilient team that consistently delivers

Foster and maintain healthy team dynamics that build psychological safety

Value to the Team

The team builder course will help the team:

Build healthy and resilient teams

Equip teams to own their team development process

Create positive team dynamics that engage individuals

Embed a high-performance culture that empowers individuals

Align and unify the team towards a common purpose

Value to the Organisation

The team builder course will help:

Align leadership language across the organisation

Foster and grow leadership capabilities

Create a healthy and resilient culture  that retains and attracts talent

Increase MOJO, engagement, and productivity throughout the organisation

6 Engaging Modules

Learning Outcomes:

Team Charter and team effectiveness pyramid

Build a solid foundation of trust and commitment by aligning the team on a shared purpose, mission and a agreed set of values, co-creating a Team Charter.

MyTeamPulse team diagnostic tool

Understand the importance of using evidence-based techniques as a leader to measure and monitor engagement and develop the team

Heart of Engagement

Discover the fundamentals of engagement, its key drivers and outcomes, and its importance in building a high-performance team.

The Seven Steps to Building a Team

Understand the impact of building an effective team with the 7 steps to create a high performing team

Team Iceberg Model and Dysfunction Roles

Understand how dysfunctional roles may show up and impact the team and how to respond and support your team members as a leader when they fall into these roles.

Culture Concept

Understand the different types of cultures within your team and recognise how they influence and impact the wider team culture.