Leadership Step Up Programme

For Leaders Wanting to Take the Step Up


Leaders reporting to senior executives or playing a key role in small to medium organisations face a number of challenges to deliver an organisational vision, influence across and up and demonstrate they are ready to take the next step in their careers.


The ISL Leadership Step-Up Programme is an immersive, experiential leadership journey that gives you insights into your current leadership and helps you develop your ability to influence and accelerate your career.


Lead Self. Lead Teams. Influence Organisations. Be prepared to take the step-up in your career.

Key Programme Benefits

By attending this programme you will;

Lead Self

  • Understand your own innate leadership strengths, blind-spots and working style preferences.
  • Gain insight into your leadership through the lens of others – your boss, colleagues, direct reports and feedback from your peers on the programme.
  • Develop confidence in who you are as a leader and set clear goals that will improve your influence and accelerate your career.

Lead Teams

  • Understand the strengths, blind-spots and working style preferences of others in order to connect, communicate, engage and influence more effectively.
  • Experience the development and impact of a high performing team.
  • Establish a close network of peers from a range of organisations, roles and sectors.

Lead Organisations

  • Apply an international award-winning strategy case process to a written case study and present to a ‘mock panel’ of experienced executives.
  • Understand how to better influence ‘your boss’ and senior executives within the organisation.

Who is the ISL Leadership Step Up Programme For?

CEO’s and senior executives who attend the Leadership Step-Up Programme are often;


  • New senior leaders or experienced senior leaders seeking to refresh their leadership.
  • A succession plan for a senior executive role.
  • General, operational, group or department managers.
  • Specialists roles (such as Project Managers or Senior Policy/Advisory Roles) who work up, down and across an organisation.
  • Direct reports to the CEO in a small or medium-sized business.
  • Those that have been identified as emerging high potential leaders.
  • From organisations seeking to develop a strong, unified and effective leadership brand for their senior leaders and key influencers.

Why Choose the ISL Leadership Step Up Programme?

ISL is a premium provider of world-class experiential leadership development programmes.


Over the last 18 years, ISL has delivered 54 Leadership Step Up Programmes to over 1000 CEO’s and senior leaders. All content is research evidence-based. Participants who attended our programmes have rated us;


  • 6.7/7 for being beneficial
  • 6.7/7 for quality of facilitation and delivery
  • 6.8/7 for quality of coaches
  • 6.8/7 for overall learning experience
  • 6.8/7 for recommending to others

Programme Length:

6 Days

Class Size & ISL Team:

15 – 25 Participants

1 Programme Director

3-5 Leadership Coaches

Programme Dates:



MLP 4: 30 January – 4 February

MLP 5: 8 – 13 May

BLP 14: 7 – 12 August

MLP 6: 27 November – 2 December


New Zealand: 


LP 67: 29 May – 3 June


LP 68: 18 – 23 September


LP 69: 20 – 25 November



LP 70: 26 – 31 March




Programme Fees:
$10,700 + GST

New Price from June 1st 2022

$11,770 + GST

Meals & Accommodation: $1,795 + GST 


Post-Programme Coaching: $2,500 + GST for 

6x Monthly Sessions


What Our Participants Say

"The best programme I have ever attended. It has provided me with confidence and clarity about my capability as an effective leader. It changed my entire mindset and I will take away some immediately actionable new and improved behaviours."

Rose Schmalfuss
Acting General Manager, Retail Network, RACT

"The Leadership Step Up program was the most extraordinary opportunity to honestly reflect on my current skills and investigate areas for future improvements."

Jonathon James
Technical Services Manager, Queensland University of Technology

"In a word; Enlightening."

Andrew Simpson
Manager of Gov Procurement, Victorian Department of Premier & Cabinet

"I so wish I had been through this process years ago ... I feel I can now be comfortable in my own skin and true to myself."

Mandy Brooker
Regional Manager, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

"I can recommend the ISL programme in the strongest possible terms. I got a huge amount out of it and observed others doing the same."

Daniel Johnson
Professor, Queeensland University of Technology

“Outstanding programme, I learnt so much about myself, I have a much greater understanding of the skills I currently have and the ones I need to develop. Life changing is an understatement.”

Jeanette Park
District Manager Intelligence, NZ Police

"Life changing"

Sandra Bond
Manager, Ministry for Vulnerable Children

“The Leadership Step-Up Programme helped me rediscovering the real me, reminded me of the power of genuine connections with others, and renewed my energy for the next stage of my leadership journey and life.”

Anna Foley
Chief Advisor National Manager Intelligence, Maritime New Zealand

"The course provided me with unique insights into my personality and leadership style and how to develop both in a positive and supportive environment. A great course that I recommend to all those seeking to ‘step up’ from the middle management level to the strategic level."

David Hingston
Defence Attaaché, NZDF

“This is truly a world class programme. I commend this course to others wanting to take the next step.”

Scott Hamilton
Strategic Advisory Panel Member, Australian-German Energy Transition Hub

“This course has been an incredible journey for me. A deep and positive experience that will change the way you see things forever.”

Katharine Macmillan
Consultant, Exult

“If you truly let yourself go, the learnings will enrich your life forever.”

Geoff Barnard
Head of Operations, Tauranga City Council

"I feel that I’m able to do my job as more of a leader than a manager. I wish I’d done this course 10 years ago."

Shanelle Yates
HR Manager at J.H Whittaker & Sons Ltd

"I have learned a great deal about myself this week and it has made me committed to being the confident and strong leader I know I can be. "

Amy Wilson
Director of HR Policy, Remuneration & Research, NZDF