Leading Teams Programme

How to create and lead an aligned and unified, fully engaged and resilient team


High performing leadership teams have a shared clarity of purpose and values. They take a whole-of-organisation view. They have honest and courageous conversations. There are no elephants in the room.


They hold each other accountable. They are results focussed. They are people and customer-centric. 


This three day programme has been specially designed to provide team leaders with the ability and capability to lead their teams during this postC-19 digital and uncertain world.

Key Programme Benefits

By attending this programme you will;


  • Understand how your leadership resonates with your team.  
  • Discover your strengths, blind spots, how you impact others and how they impact you so you can get the most out of yourself and your team 
  • Realise the importance of leadership energy and resilience, the role you play and how it impacts team engagement 
  • Learn how to engage your team and why it is so important to your team delivering exceptional outcomes 
  • Understand the key building blocks of an effective team and how to attain them
  • Uncover how to turn your team from a group of individuals into a truly aligned, unified, high trust, highly engaged, resilient team delivering results
  • Appreciate the importance of evidence-based team development and tools that measure progress over time

Leaders come away with the know-how, resources, tools and ongoing access to a team performance coach.

What we will Cover

  • Understanding the key elements of team performance, including our 7 Step model to build a high performing team

  • Insights into your team leadership strengths and areas of development

  • How to create and effectively use a Team Charter – purpose, values and behaviours

  • Understanding the impact of personality on your team’s dynamic

  • How to build trust in your team

  • How to have courageous conversations within your team and why they are so important to your team’s success

  • How to empower your team members to succeed and grow

  • Understanding your current team performance

  • An action plan to improve the effectiveness of your leadership and team performance

Why Choose the ISL Leading Teams Programme?

ISL is a premium provider of world-class experiential leadership development programmes.


Over the last 18 years, ISL has delivered Leadership Programmes to over 1000 CEO’s and senior leaders. All content is research evidence-based. Participants who attended our programmes have rated us;

  • 6.7/7 for being beneficial
  • 6.7/7 for quality of facilitation and delivery
  • 6.8/7 for quality of coaches
  • 6.8/7 for overall learning experience
  • 6.8/7 for recommending to other
 “The ISL leadership processes using the MyTeamPulse tool showed me where I needed to step up as a leader and what areas I wasn’t effectively communicating. Within the first three months our team engagement increased 40% and productivity increased 22%.” – Mike Taylor, Founder & CEO BBT Digital.

Programme Length:

3 Days

Designed For:

Executives, Senior Leaders and Business Owners

Class Size & ISL Team:

15 – 20 Participants

3 Executive Coaches + 1 Programme Director

Programme Dates:



9 – 11 December



New Zealand: 


19 – 21  August

28 – 30 October


Participants can attend individually, or as a group of up to three from the same organisation.


ISL can facilitate an ‘in-house’ programme for large organisations, with 15-20 participants to make a step change in their team leaders and the team performance across their entire organisation.


$5,400 + GST
($4,900 + GST per person for groups of 3 on the same programme from the same organisation)