An evidence-based approach to team performance to create aligned, unified and engaged leadership teams​

High Performing Leadership Teams​

High Performing Team Development​

Organisations face a dynamic, rapidly changing context. The greater the challenge, the greater the importance of an aligned, unified, high trust, fully engaged leadership teams delivering results.


A team development process has a comprehensive focus on performance. Unlike many, it is not a tree hug or light-hearted team building. We build trust. We have the conversations that need to be had. We deliver measurable results.

Our Team Development Process​

Comprehensive. Evidence-based. Delivering measurable results.

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Our 2-Day Workshop

A solid foundation is built through our purpose designed two-day workshop process. At this workshop, the team will;

  • Clearly identify the purpose of the team.
  • Understand how the team members can work most effectively with each other by understanding individual and team strengths, blind spots, stressors, energy and resilience and working style preference.
  • Commit to a clear set of values and behaviours.
  • Create a platform for trust.
  • Discuss any key risks facing the team and/or the organisation they lead, including health and safety, bullying, harassment and ethics.
  • Understand the current team culture, engagement and effectiveness.
  • Identify key issues that are limiting team effectiveness and impacting unfavourably on team culture and team engagement.
  • Have courageous conversations to agree on clear actions that address these issues.
  • Have each member commit to the team, its purpose, values, behaviours and actions

Ongoing Team Development​

With this foundation established, an ongoing focus on team development ensures the team maintains momentum, continues to develop, is accountable for delivering team actions and picks up any potential de-railers early.

To do this, ISL uses MyTeamPulse, an anonymous team survey, as an evidence base for team leaders to keep their finger-on-the-pulse of their team’s engagement, mojo, productivity, effectiveness and much more.


Combined with virtual team coaching from our team of highly experienced ISL coaches, teams can continuously improve team performance over time.
If the team gets stuck, ISL can design a tailored workshop to help the team have the conversations that need to be had so the team can become unstuck.

Cascade to the Rest of Your Organisation

Our cascade process is designed to empower, align and unify your Executive member-led teams and to accredit your HR Team to Senior Leaders to further cascade a team performance focus deep into the organization.

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